A Day of Walking in Jerusalem

I visited Israel for the first time in 2017 and I had the chance to visit Jerusalem twice. The first one was when when I went on a group tour organized by Tourist Israel. The second was when Igal and I joined the tip-based walking tour organized by New Sandeman.   Holy Sepulchre Church was... Continue Reading →


Less than a Day Stop in Hong Kong

I recently traveled to Israel and, on my way there, had around 14 hours to kill during my stop in Hong Kong. I've been to Hong Kong before so I didn't feel the need to go far from the airport. Here are things I did and considered for my recent stop in Hong Kong.  ... Continue Reading →

Tree Planting in the Philippines

Last July, I learned from an article that there's an existing law which requires each able-bodied Filipino to plant one tree every year starting at age 12. It's the first time I've heard of it and that means I owe the country a lot of trees!   After reading it, I googled about tree planting... Continue Reading →

Hiking Mount Ugo

It all started with this kind of conversation one day last year Me: You're going on a hike? Friend: Yeah. Wanna join? Me: Will I be able to do it? Friend: Yeah. Me: Okay. And that's how I got myself into a two-day hike of Mount Ugo. It was my first hike and people in... Continue Reading →

Three-Week Vacation in the Philippines

Igal and I just finished our almost 3-week trip around the Philippines. We've been planning it since December last year. Number 1 on Igal's things-to-do list was diving. I let him decide on where he wanted to do the dive and he chose Coron. I then started working on other places we could visit from Coron.... Continue Reading →

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