Three-Week Vacation in the Philippines

Igal and I just finished our almost 3-week trip around the Philippines. We've been planning it since December last year. Number 1 on Igal's things-to-do list was diving. I let him decide on where he wanted to do the dive and he chose Coron. I then started working on other places we could visit from Coron.... Continue Reading →


Seven-day Vacation in Taiwan: 2 Nights in Taichung

After spending time in Taroko National Park and Taipei, our next destination was Taichung. We took the high-speed train to Taichung coming from Taipei.   Taiwan High Speed Rail THSR offers early bird rate with discount of up to 35% for bookings made 5 to 28 days ahead. Discounted rate offered is of limited quantity... Continue Reading →

Seven Day Vacation in Taiwan

In 2017, my friends and I were playing with the idea of vacationing in Taiwan for the first quarter of 2018 to explore its countryside. We agreed that if cheap fares become available, then we'll push through with it. In November 2017, two of us - Melvin and I - were able to book a... Continue Reading →

Central Europe Trip: 4 Nights in Germany

Germany was the doorway to our central Europe trip. We never planned for it to begin with this country. It just so happened that the cheap fare from Asia which I was able to book goes to Berlin. Henceforth, our central Europe itinerary started taking shape from this country.   Below are details about and photos... Continue Reading →

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